Anuradhapura Era

Thank you Ravindra! These stamps are from the Proto-Historic & Early Anuradhapura Era series released in 2008. This is the location where the Sinhalese Civilization began over 2,500 years ago. From left to right: Fresco - Only a portion of these frescos remain on the rock fortress and palace of Sigiriya. Coin - Many punch mark coins are only stamped on the obverse. This may be the coin that has the earliest depiction of Gajalakshmi. Iron Furnace - This example could be the type of furnaces built on western edges of hills and ridges to capture the strong monsoon winds for smelting. Language - Discovered in 1936 this inscription mentions King Vasabha, who is considered to be the pioneer of large-scale Irrigation - where complex reservoirs and irrigation systems developed to capture monsoon rains. Cist Burial - Cremated remains were interred with a variety of grave goods. The beads depicted may be onyx and carnelian, both imports from India.

Another wonderful cover from Ravindra. These stamps released in 2008 represent the Late Anuradhapura Era. From ascending denomination:
Technology - Shown are gold coins and their molds. Neither of these coins has the date or ruler listed. Is that common for this period?
Architecture - From the archaeological site of Medirigiray, this stamps shows one of the 10 remaining Buddhist structures (vatadage) in Sri Lanka. This site was rediscovered in 1897 and originally 600 acres were reserved for the number of ruins found in the area. Due to human encroachment the site is now reduced to 250 acres.
Sanitation - After filtering through 3 terracotta pots and their fillings, urine drains onto the soil as pure water.
Jewelry - The terracotta beads are from the Jetavana complex, and the gold pieces from Abhayagiriya.
Art - The image on the left is from Buduruwagala where there are several large carvings into the rock face. There are holes in the rock from where a canopy may have been suspended as well as plaster and pigment traces.
Thank you Ravindra! He writes that these high value definitives feature Guard Stones from the Anuradhapura Era. 
Thank you Ravindra! Low value definitives from the same set?


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