Jul 14, 2016

Bandelier National Monument

I was lucky enough to make it to the NYC 2016 world stamp show. I attended the National Parks stamp dedication, and made this fdc with a cacheted cover created by the ATA and applied this single park stamp from a pane of 16. The stamp is a mid-1930s Helmuth Naumer pastel of the current park's visitor center in Frijoles Canyon. Issued: June 2 2016. 
Thank you Jocelyn! A postcard with an image of a multi-story dwelling, with beam holes carved into tuff. Bandelier is a protected area encompassing more than 33, 000+ acres of settlement and land of the ancestral puebloans. Named for an anthropologist, Bandelier is one of the many parks that has Woodrow Wilson's forethought to thank. The majority of the settlements date from 1150-1600.  

Jul 11, 2016


Thank you Ronald! A block with scenes of Ayutthaya, an ancient capital of the Siamese Kingdom from the 14th-18th centuries. Famously, the Sun King reported that its wealth and size rivaled that of Paris. Attacked and burned by the Burmese in 1767, the city was abandoned, not to be rebuilt. 
A photo I took while visiting Ayutthaya in January.

Jul 4, 2016


Thank you Terhi for this postcard! Originally on an inlet, this 1km long cluster of over 30 granite Bronze Age burial cairns are near what remains of this ancient inlet, now a lake 15km inland. Despite this landscape change, the vegetation is markedly unchanged, and many cairns remain unexcavated, giving the visitor, I can imagine, a memorable experience. 
Is the image on the left stamp possibly the stone wall which surrounds the cairn known as 'the long ruin of Huilu' (Huilun pitka raunio), excavated in 1891. Issued: September 8 2004. 

Jul 3, 2016


This USA rate Head-Smashed-in Buffalo Jump stamp is one of five featured UNESCO sites on this mixed rate 2014 issue. As one of the oldest and largest buffalo jumps, it was awarded heritage status in 1981. Why Canada Post neglected to include the UNESCO symbol on the stamps is puzzling - are they not topical collector-sales driven? Compared to the 2002 stamp on the same topic (below), this one lacks in both scale and colour. Surely Jack Brink has far better photos than this Tourism Alberta one.
Thank you Chris! See what I mean about the photo? Its even grainy blown up to postcard size. This is a Pre-Paid Post Card for local and international delivery, the cost of these cards is the international letter/postcard rate ($2.50), at time of purchase. Issued: May 16 2014. 
A bottom up view of the buffalo jump on an internationally rated stamp from a 5v Tourist Attractions booklet. After 6,000 years of usage, this cliff would have been much taller originally, as many bison bones have raised the land surface, see here for great diagrams of this process. Issued: June 1 2002.

Jun 29, 2016

Antiquities of Tyre

I've been searching for this issue forever, and finally found this at the NYC 2016 stamp show! I've always loved the large-format punchy coloured isolated Roman sculpture on this issue. This is from a set of four, plus one s/s. The envelope is marked 'printed' (not shown) I am assuming this meant 'printed paper'. Were the rates different for paper vs non-paper enclosures? Issue date: March 20 1968.

Thor Heyerdahl

Thank you Catherine! A set of four stamps with Thor Heyerdahl and his expeditions released on the 100th anniversary of his birth. Thor and the Ra II boat from 1970 are on this card. 
1947 Kon Tiki expedition boat and  an Easter Island Moai.
Thank you Andrea!


Thank you Cees! A personalized stamp of a photo of Dolmen 18, near Rolde, in the province of Drenthe.  Located near a medieval church, this, and the nearby D17, were once for sale. The government purchased the land in 1873, after public outcry for their preservation.
Close up of his self made D18 stamp.
Thank you Ellen for this postcard! D18 is on the left in the third row.