Thank you David for this beautiful handpainted artpiece! These stamps were issued in 2002 and 2004, from left to right:
Castillo de Aguas Mansas - During restoration, remains of a fort was found beneath a ditch associated with the castle's moat. When was this fort constructed and from what?
The Fortaleza de la Mota - Begun in 727 during Arab rule, this hilltop fortress currently houses an archaeological museum. Until the late 1990s anyone could wander the site and view skeletons in exposed tombs on the church floor. Were these tombs open due to grave robbing?
Castillo de Calatorao - This black coloured stamp may be in allusion to the 'Calatorao Stone' a black limestone which, when polished resembles marble. The Moors were quarrying it and there is suggestion that extraction may date back to the Roman Period. What is the evidence for this?
Castillo de Grandilla - Erected in the 15th century on the site of an Arab fort, construction was sub contracted to Vasco de Toya for the dungeon and to T. Breton, a ditch and moat specialist. Would their individual styles have intra-site visibility?