Irish Heritage & Treasures Definitives

From the 'Irish Heritage and Treasures' definitive collection of 1990-5 is this Enamel Latchet Brooch, used as a clothing fastener. In total, 13 artifacts in 22 denominations were issued. This 30p stamp is from 1990 and was re-released in 1993 with a one pound value.
Thank you Mitchell! A gold collar from the same set.
A 8th century BC gold dress fastener.
More definitives, from left to right:  12th century hammered gold armlets, broach?, 8th century BCE Ardagh Chalice, and a 8th cent. BCE gold torque. Issued: March 8 1990. 
A beaten gold boat from the Broighter Hoard, found in a farm field near Limavady. Several gold objects, thought to be votive offerings, were buried from the 1st cent BCE. This boat is very detailed, with benches, a spear, oar locks, oars and rudder. The hoard was sold to the British Museum (except from the thwart from the boat which made its way to a jeweler!).


  1. WOW, on the left is image of Mulready Envelope. amazed by reading its history somewhere on net. It also has ship on the design.


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