Tumba Madzari

Another fantastic matched set from Ana! The central terracotta figure is on the blue stamp below. These 1998 stamps of Neolithic artifacts were unearthed in 1981 from the site of Tumba Madzari near Macedonia's capital city, Skopje. Clockwise from UL: This goat shaped bowl is a good indicator of the faunal assemblage, which was dominated by domesticated herds. Next, is a beautifully decorated vessel with spiral lines interpreted as water. Rain and water motifs are common from this site.
Of the 7 houses excavated, 1 may be a sanctuary where 45 complete pots were found including these asymmetrical ones in the lower right corner. They have been likened to water birds, with their 'feathery' slip. Finally, the most famous artifact from this structure is the Magna Mater, a terracotta figure attributed to the Mother Goddess cult. Unlike other female figures from Europe, her body is merged with architecture, thought to represent the home.