Roman Holland

Thanks Cees! I love this 'Archaeological findings' 1977 FDC, it has a stadia rod on the cachet and on the postmarks - a great realistic cover. Its release coincided with the construction of a museum over the Thermae Complex ruins, the Roman bathhouse in Heerlen on the far left stamp. Next is an altar for the goddess Nehalenia, Zammerdam, and at right, the iron Nijmegen cavalry Helmet. 
Photo maxicard of Nigrum Pullum, the Roman limes fort in modern Zammerdam. This might be the remains of one of the six ships archaeologist discovered in a buried quay.  
The helmet is sheathed in bronze and silver found in 1915 in the Waal River bank. This is an old style Roman mask worn only by the elite. The human busts on the diadem are figures from the Cult of Bacchus. I scored the complete maxicard set on buckacover, they still sell the set here.


  1. Great you like it. Nice blog you have here too.

  2. 45 + 20c., One of the altar of goddess Nehalenia patron of roman crossing the North Sea

    55 + 20c., perhaps Nigrum Pullum, actual Zwammerdam

    75 + 25c., I think this is a cavalry mask found in Waal river (fl. Vacalis), near Nimega (Ulpia Noviomagus Batavorum)

  3. Thanks so much! I am actually discussing Zwammerdam in my thesis!


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