Archaeological Discoveries

Thank you to Fabrizio! This 1972 FDC is first in the 'Archaeological Discoveries' series. The bilaterally barbed harpoons are made of deer antler.
Thank you Cees! Second in the 'Archaeological Discoveries' series is this FDC with medieval fish fibulae on LL and a Celtic gold vase on LR.
Thank you Cees, love the selvage! Third in the series, are these covers with a gold Medieval brooch is on the left, and a ceramic bird from the Bronze Age.
Cachet with the same brooch as above and head of a bronze Roman bull statue on the stamp.
Thank you Marie-Anne! Great cover promoting Martigny and its 20 centuries of history. We can see the same Roman bull from the stamp above, on this cancel. 
Fabrizio sent the 4th, and last FDC in this series. Clockwise from UL: Medieval gold brooch, Roman bust of Bacchus, Roman vase and Bronze Age daggers.
Attractive Bacchus block of 4!