Jersey Archaeology

Thanks Mike for this fantastic 'Jersey Archaeology I' 2010 FDC! Featured are artifacts recovered from the site La Cotte de St Brelade. In 1910 Neanderthal teeth were recovered, in the 60s and 70s Cambridge University uncovered remains of Pleistocene fauna. The location may have been used like a North American bison jump. Last summer's survey work revealed that 60% of the Pleistocene sediments are still in situ!
Thanks PaleoPhilatelist! This 2011 'Jersey Archaeology II' FDC showcases coins from a hoard of 2,500+ found by a farmer in 1957. These coins indicate trade links between the Celtic tribes of France and England. 
Third installment of the series from 2012. Too bad the FDC didn't include some of the rad selvage - a close up of the lichen on these ancient stones. Does anyone else think this FDC feels very piecemeal? Why did the stamp designer not design the cachet as well? It looks like a dated photo tacked on last minute.