Thank you Tiem! At right is a 1958 airmail stamp of the Temple of Artemis in Jerash. This is the lowest value (make up after a rate change?) of six, each printed in different colours. 
Thank you Randal! Jerash stamps from a 6v tourism booklet of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. They look like the same columns as above 1958 issue. 
Hadrian's Triumphal Arch in Jerash is on many definitives with different rates and colours,  issued from 1996-1998(?). Currently, the arch looks different due to reconstruction efforts. Check out this website for detailed Jordan stamp information. I found the cover above right recently, and was attracted to it at first for its imaginative address 'rhododendron avenue', then recognized the addressee, and had to add it to the collection, having had a similar one (on left) addressed to him in a different country!