Mesa Verde

Beautiful FDC showcasing 'Pueblo Pottery' from the 4v set of 1977 with Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde on the cachet. Unsure why this stamp set is often classified under 'American Folk Art'. 
Check out this cover addressed to the one and only Clyde Sarzin! How cool is that?  
This 1980 cover has the above pueblo pot stamp image on attached cardboard. Did the USPS give these away as promo cards? Or did Sarzin reproduce the image? 
Mesa Verde cancellation of Cliff Palace for the 1984 World Conference on Cultural Parks.
Another cachet with Mesa Verde, thank you Michael for this 1989 Artmaster FDC!
This stamp is from the 2v 'Pre-Columbian Carvings'. This Mimbres (1150-1350) wooden lightening deity was found in a cache. The zigzags are interpreted as lightening and rain, the checks as clouds and face the night sky. Was the cache actually at Mesa Verde?
Thank you Melody for this postcard.
Metates in Cliff Palace, photo taken on a summer 2014 trip!