L'Anse Aux Meadows

This FDC is from the 68v Millennium Collection entitled 'Canada's Cultural Fabric'. The top left stamp has a Viking ship which is symbolic of the World Heritage site of  L'Anse Aux Meadows. A Norse settlement c. 1000 years old mentioned in Sagas, it is arguably one of the most famous archaeological sites in Canada, found after years of research by husband and wife team Helge and Anne Ingstad in the 1960s. 
This is a re-issue. The first release was on September 15 1999, within the publication of, 'The Millennium Collection: Expressions of a people.' With a print run of only 200,000, the story goes that either unitrade or the UPU were not willing to recognize these as proper given the unequal face value to book cost ratio. Whether or not this is true, I am not sure. 'Popular demand' for the re-issue has also been cited, all of this only adds to the interest of these still, rather elusive stamps. 
The perforation on the low circulation book stamp is 13.5 and the s/s is...?
Postmarked in St. Lunaire-Griquet, about 10km from L'anse aux Meadows, was this where the additional UNESCO image was applied as well? Was it for promotional or philatelic purposes? Was it used before or beyond 1996?
Thank you Duff! Pre-paid postcard of the meadows from a 5v UNESCO set, 3 of which, are sites in Newfoundland, with the other 2 sites recycled from a previous issue. Issued: Jan 16 2017.