Millennium Series

Thank you Choonjong for the Millennium Series I from 1999! From top left: Paleolithic choppers and scrapers from Chungok-ri. Neolithic comb-patterned ceramic from Amsa-dong. Shell bracelets and bone spear points from Neolithic shell mounds at Tongsam-dong. Dolmens from Kanghwa-do Island. Bronze Age Weapons from Songguk-ri. Finally, the Bangudae petroglyphs. 
The 6v 'Millennium Series 2' of 1999 features the Proto-Three Kingdoms Period. The top left stamp shows a tiger belt buckle and a duck earthenware object from the Tomb of King Muryeong.  Beside it, a gold crown and silver cup from Hwangnamdae tomb with the Tumuli Park in the background. Below is a painting from the Tomb of the Dancers. 


  1. Have you seen this website? (new issues of archaeology on stamps)


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