Borobudur Temple

Thank you Cees! Far right on this 1971 FDC is a semi-postal of the Borobudur Preservation Foundation which Prince Bernard was a supporter of, and who this 4v features. This 9th cent. Buddhist monument  in Java was abandoned in the 14th cent., and not brought to western light until 1814. Its present notoriety was gained in part, through several major restoration projects in the 1910s, '70s, '80s and 2000s. 
Photo maxicard with school children in background?
Thank you Tiem! Cachet with a Borobudur relief and the Temple on the left stamp from this 1961 tourism set. 
Thank you Edwin! Released in 2014 for the 200th anniversary of the 'discovery' of the Borobudur Temple. 
Thank you Sinta for this postcard of the Borobudur Temple compounds! 
Thank you KylieWorld Heritage issue from the US UN administration. Issued: June 5 2015.