Panagyurishte Treasure

Thank you Irina for this beautiful postcard with matching stamps! These luxe artifacts were unearthed in 1949 and have since been attributed to the Thracian King Seuthes III. The gold rhyton stamps are from the 1999 5v Panagyurishte Treasure set. 
Postcard with the center stamp of a gold rhyton from the same set as above. 
Thank you Josef! Multiples of the high value from the Panagyurishte set sent registered. 
Thank you Dimiter! PSP of a Pangyurishte Treasure Rytone. The 2012 Bulgarian joint issue with Kazakhstan.
Thank you Dayana! The Kazakhstan joint issue with Bulgaria.
Thank you Dimiter! Above is postal stationary from 2010.
Thank you Tiem! Maxicard with one of the 9 stamps from the 'Gold Treasures' issue. Issued November 28 1966.