Archaeology in Portugal

Thank you Fernando! Clockwise from upper left: Citania de Briteiros, rock art of the Coa Valley (see below), the Roman settlement of Conimbriga, Alcalar chambered tomb and the Roman Villa, Milreu (see below). On cachet is a Galaico-Lusitan warrior statue. Larger than life, these date to the 1st CE, or earlier, and are found northern areas of Portugal and Spain. They depict the Celtic warriors who battled against the Romans.
Thank you Bruno! Spectacular lithic artifact on 2010 cancel from the above site of Alcalar. 
A Milreu Bath mosaic from the 1988 'Traces of Roman Civilization in Portugal' 2v set. There, the fish were rendered larger than life for an optical illusion which, when viewed though the water, they appeared realistic.
Thank you José! Postcard with pertroglyphs from the Coa Valley. 
Thank you Bruno! Coa Animal art cancellation.  
Thank you Germán! This very large 2011 FDC has a s/s photograph of Jose Leite de Vasconcelos, the founder of the National Museum of Archaeology, posing by a torpedo amphora.