Thank you Ravindra! This FDC highlights Sigiriya and its significance in the 2012 National Archaeological Week. The terracotta figurine on the stamp was found during excavations there. These small figures are thought to have been made 2-3 centuries after after the monastery was completed in c. 500 CE., and produced for visitors as miniature art reproductions of the wall art they had viewed. Where else have there been proposed 'souvenirs' in the archaeological record?
Thank you Ravindra for this maxicard!
Thank you Ravindra! These stamps are from the 2011 10v set released for 'World Tourism Day'. In the center is Sigiriya, a 5th cent. palace, first excavated in the 1890s. 
Sigiriya Rock in the background of the center red stamp. See more Sigiriya stamps here