Pret a Poster

 Thank you Pierre! Two great Pret a poster (ready to mail) envelopes. The top is from Aubigne-Racan, where excavations in 1977 uncovered a Gallo-Roman complex including this theatre on the cachet. 
Another Gallo-Roman theatre, but from Mandeure, the Roman town was then known as Epomanduodurum. It stood with 4 tiers, and an estimated capacity of 12-15,000 people.
Thank you Pierre! 2014 issue of the Locmariaquer megaliths on postal stationary of Le Mas-d'Azil with the cave containing Epipaleolithic Azilian Culture artifacts. 
Thanks Pierre! Wonderful cachet with the Archaeology Museum of Vienne-en-Val.  Statues shown were excavated from a Gallo-Romano Sanctuary found under the current church square in 1968 during sewer work. These statues offer a glimpse into Romanization, although they are of Roman Gods, some wear torques in Celtic tradition.