Danish Dolmens

Thank you Flavio! 2007 FDC with dolmen ATMs. From left to right: Left is the Poskaer Stenhus; Denmark's largest round barrow. The scale is of course difficult to illustrate in this photo, but the capstone in the background of the stamp alone weighs 11 tonnes. Incredibly, this burial site was protected as early as 1860 resulting from efforts of the local priest to halt the landowner dynamiting the standing stones. Was this an effort to utilize more pasture land..or? At center is one of the 38 still standing megalithic tombs. Historically, 119 were observed on the island of Moen. On right, a Funnel Beaker built dolmen in Vielsted. 
1962 FDC for the final stamp of the Danish ballet and music festival set. Does anyone know which dolmen this is?
A 1966 Slania FDC promoting 'Danish Conservation'. This dolmen may be the Troldkirken barrow constructed by the Funnel Beaker culture.


  1. I think it's Troldkirken http://www.megalithic.co.uk/article.php?sid=18562 (also in 1983 issue)

  2. According to the Facit catalogue it is "a Jutland barrow, from the neolithic period about 2500 BC".

    I don't know whether this ties in with the previous suggestion .


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