A complete 1966 'Archaeological Research' set! Clockwise: c. 3500BCE Bronze spear point and ornaments, a Funnel Beaker c. 4000-3500 BCE clay ram, and a c.2500BCE map of the Iron Age fortified settlement of Biskupin.
Thank you Marek for this postcard! It shows the Biskupin clay ram, and other artifacts which are at the City Museum of Wroclaw.
Thank you Olesia! Postcard showing the interior of a reconstructed building at Biskupin.
A postal card with the town map. I don't usually purchase online, preferring to limit my collection to stamp fair scores and trades. But this one on delacampe I had to have -  thank you Wroclaw121c!
Thank you Paleophilatelie! Postal card with ceramic bowl on cachet and its detail on the preprinted stamp. 


  1. This is a map of this town:

  2. Thank you Anonymous!
    A great article about Biskupin:


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