A complete 1966 'Archaeological Research' set! Clockwise: c. 3500BCE Bronze spear point and ornaments, a Funnel Beaker c. 4000-3500 BCE clay ram, and a c.2500BCE map of the Iron Age fortified settlement of Biskupin.
Thank you Olesia! Postcard showing the interior of a reconstructed building at Biskupin.
A postal card with the town map. I don't usually purchase online, preferring to limit my collection to stamp fair scores and trades. But this one on delacampe I had to have -  thank you Wroclaw121c!
Thank you Paleophilatelie! Postal card with ceramic bowl on cachet and its detail on the preprinted stamp. 


  1. This is a map of this town:

  2. Thank you Anonymous!
    A great article about Biskupin:


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