Hadrian's Wall

 Thank you Alarzarnia for this postcard! A case bronze bust (originally had rest of body) of Hadrian, dredged from the Thames, on this Roman Britain PHQ. Issued: June 15 1993
I am afraid I have little information on this aerogramme featuring Hadrian's Wall. The artist, Ronald Maddox also illustrated the 'Industrial Archaeology' set. He produced for Royal Mail during the 1960s - 80s. So does this rather modern (1990s/2000s?) aerogramme have a watercolour image on it that was actually sketched a few decades prior? 
Thanks Ton! Centre top is Hadrian's Wall. These are from a booklet release for the International Festival of Philately. The stamps feature Roman engineering outside of Italy; the Segovia aqueduct, Pont Du Gard, Patrasso Odeon and the Black Gate. Issued: October 25 2009.
Thank you Xue! This maxicard with Hadrian's wall is part of an 8v joint UNESCO issue with Great Britain. The GB stamp has the same image, but is rated for 2nd class, not international. Issued: April 21 2005. 
Front of the 1st booklet in the Roman Britain series with an aerial view of the wall. *Not in collection.