Nazca Lines

Lucky me, a dealer gave this to me free given its "rattiness"! The 1986 stamp at right features the Nazca Lines and Maria Reiche, the German researcher who studied the petroforms since the 1940s. She sponsored education of this unique area to help prevent potential destruction, and 3 years before her passing in 1998, the site was granted UNESCO status. Go Maria!
Thank you Juan! The Hummingbird geoglyph on postcard. 
Does the Nazca Hummingbird count as a cachet?:) From the 1st issue of the multi-year 'Ceramic' series, are these stamps from the 6v 1997 release. Both are Moche, the orange ones have 2 monkeys and the purple one has crab motifs. 
Special cancel for Peruvian independence with the Nazca condor