Silk Road

Thanks Stanley for this 2012 'Silk Road' FDC! In 1969, farmers from the province of Gansu uncovered the 2nd cent. Letai Tomb. Among the finds, was this bronze horse statuette on the second stamp from left stamp.
Thank you Rasa! Postcard of a watchtower(?). The same structure as in above stamp.  
A Commemorative cover for the 1973 Chinese Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, with the same horse on cachet as the above stamp. 
A postcard from the Chinese Exhibition above. Described as: 'Number 222, bronze flying horse, 35.5 x 45cm, 2nd cent CE. 
The m/s was issued in 1994 for the 4th China Philatelic Federation Congress. This 15m tall Kizilgaha beacon is the best preserved tower along the Silk Road and dates from the Western Han Dynasty (206 BCE-24CE). Allegedly known as 'wolf smoke towers' due to the preferential burning of wolf dung for 'thicker' signal fires.