Polish Archaeology in Egypt

Thank you Grzegorz for working hard to get this 2012 '150 years of Polish Archaeology in Egypt' s/s! Its release coincided with an exhibit at the Warsaw Archaeological Museum showcasing 125 artifacts from Polish explorer, Count Michal Tyszkiewicz's (on LR stamp) excavations along the Nile. 
His other artifacts were dispersed among the Louvre, Lithuanian museums, and in Egyptian collections. Not sure where the faience items are from, but the figurine on the LL stamp shows Nefertum.  
1976 UN relief? Any guesses?


  1. I really enjoy your site here. You got me back into collecting world wide material. I am also following your lead and putting them in stock books. I have also started keeping count of the number of stamps I have from each country, which allows me to decide whether to put them in a stock book, or just the pages temporarily.

    So I just want to thank you for the inspiration, and bringing some fun back into collecting for me.


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