Ljubljana Marsh

Thank you Mirch! These ceramic vessels on the cachet and 2013 s/a definitive, date to the 3rd cent. BCE,  and are stored at Slovenia National History Museum. They were found in a Copper Age pile dwelling in the Ljubljansko Barje, and some researchers have likened these vessels to other female fertility and deity figurines. 
*This FDC was produced by the Slovenian Philatelic Association as the Slovenian Post does not make FDCs for definitive stamps. Does anyone know why this is?
Thank you Mirch! A 2008 edition from the archaeology series below. Excavated from a pile dwelling in the marshes of Ljubljansko in 2002, the waterlogged conditions allowed for the preservation of the oldest dated wooden wheel and axle (5,200 BP). The ash and oak wood had been hardened and made pest proof with smoke.