Thank you Pierre! 1985 FDC showing the Roman amphitheater in Carthage. This stamp was the domestic rate of 3 which comprised a 'UNESCO' set. 
These are from a 6v set entitled, 'Safeguard Carthage', pushing for UNESCO protection which would come six years later.  I don't know where in the site this ostrich mosaic panel is from, or if it a stylized re-imagining of one? An imperf s/s also exists. Issued: April 26 1973. 
Postcard of the St-Cyprien Basilica. 


  1. I have only started collecting stamps for a few years now and one of the themes that I have been collecting are UNESCO World Heritage stamps. I do not really collect a lot of stamps unless they are given to me as I usually stick to the themes of the stamp that I try to collect. I am currently looking at a Brazil catalogue from 1985 that features the UNESCO stamps that I have been collecting.


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