National Heritage

Thank you Stav! Complete set of the 'National Heritage' issue. Issued in a sheet of 10, only 5 have tabs. Top left is the Peki'in Synagogue, which, in its construction re-used 2nd-3rd cent. stones, one of which had a menorah carved on it, as shown at top left.
The stamp at top left shows a 5th cent. synagogue in Ein Keshatot, a town razed in the 8th cent by an earthquake. Today, the site is being restored under Heritage Project funding. At top right is the bulla/seal of Gemaryahu ben Shaphan with the City of David in the background. Issued: February 11 2014. 


  1. As you said, It's a Complete set of the 2014. The stamps look good to me. Glad to see the stamps.


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