Ecological and Heritage Sites

Thank you Jessica! The stamp is part of the 2005 12v definitives of 'Ecological and Heritage Sites' and shows the Nohoch Che'n Archaeological Reserve on it.  Present day tubers and rafters can see Mayan pictographs as they journey through the labyrinth of limestone caves and underground rivers.  
Thank you Jessica! Another from the same series with the site of Lubaantun, which translates as, 'the place of fallen stones'. The original name is not known. Instead of choosing to showcase the small charm like ceramics of unknown- possible 'ritual' use, of which the quantity are unique to this site, they chose to highlight the ball court. Which to their credit, does show the masonry in the background, which unusually, has no mortar. Labaantun was occupied for a couple hundred years, and has since been excavated by many teams.