Archaeological finds in Liechtenstein

Thank you HansjurgYear of the Ram cancel on the complete 'Archaeological finds in Liechtenstein: Coins' set. Not only does the background give the location where the coin was found, but with an app, the stamps can be scanned and the coins viewed from all angles. 
The top left gold florin is from a hoard of 2,434 coins which were buried in 1360. Top right is a 14th cent silver penny with a lion and crown.  
The bottom silver denar dates to c.48 BCE and shows an elephant stepping on a snake, with Caesar's name also on this side. Yet another great example of Roman propaganda.
Issued: 02/06/2014
Thank you Paleophilatelie! FDC sent by the Postal authority. This is the third in the embossed series titled: Tools. From left to right: Flint lanceolate biface, thought to be traded from Monti Lessini, Italy, by the Horgen Culture.  At center is a Late Bronze Age (12th cent BCE) razor,  and right, a winged ax. The 5th cent BCE (Hallstatt Period) ax was unearthed c.1920 cutting peat. Any ideas on why there is a Swiss Post registration label?
Issued: March 7 2016. (Arrived on March 17th). 
Set for the opening of the National Museum. At center is the fortified Schellenberg-Borscht archaeological site where the above flint biface was found(?)