Heidentor Carnuntum

Thank you Nina! An UL stamp from the 4th annual 'Wine Regions of Austria' series block of 10 with a galea in each selvage corner. Why did they choose a helmet? One expects instead, an amphorae frag, or another Roman viticulture related artifact found during excavations at the Roman town of Carnuntum next door to the Heidentor gate on the stamp. Wine production in this region dates to the 1st cent BCE. Issue date: Sept 5 2015.
Thank you Marco! Domestic rate PSE and added s/a stamp from the 16v 'Impressions of Austria' definitive series with the opposite view of the Heidentor from above. These envelopes are also sold with and without windows.  The triumphal arch was built between 354-361 CE. Less than half of the original structure stands today. Issue date: March 1 2015. 
Thank you Milos! This is a Slovakian-Austrian joint issue with two large Roman settlements, located only about a half hour dive apart from one another, both forming part of the Limes Romanus. The Heidentor of the Carnuntum Archaeological Park is on the left, and the 2nd cent. military camp of Gerulata in Slovakia is on the right. Issue date: Sept 12 2009.