A History of Ireland in 100 Objects

Thank you DannyThis is from a 8v set, with artifact repeats from the 'Heritage & Treasures' issue of the 1990s. These Bronze Age funerary urns were found in Annagh, Co Limerick, and are listed as the 9th/100 on the object list.  
This is a huge multi-year issue, (the largest ever?) with I'm assuming 100 stamps total, 1 for each artifact. There is even a website for this series, and an equally interactive app with high resolution images of the artifacts when you scan the stamp (screen shot above). A exemplary project between An Post, The Irish Times, the Royal Irish Academy and the National Museum of Ireland. Issued: January 12 2017. 


  1. Very beautiful history lesson through stamps this time. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ireland is the best country in the World. I simply love it!


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