A History of Ireland in 100 Objects

Thank you DannyThese Bronze Age funerary urns were found in Annagh, Co Limerick, and are listed as the 9th/100 on the object list. This is a huge multi-year issue, (the largest ever?) with I'm assuming 100 stamps total, 1 stamp for each artifact. This is from the first 8v set, with artifact repeats from the 'Heritage & Treasures' issue of the 1990s.  Issued: January 12 2017.
There is a website for this series, and an equally interactive app with high resolution images of the artifacts when you scan the stamp (screen shot above). A exemplary project between An Post, The Irish Times, the Royal Irish Academy and the National Museum of Ireland. 
Thank you Tinne! Above is the Loughnashade Trumpet, famous for its resemblance to the one at the feet of a Dying Gaul. Issued: January 25 2018. Below is an axe head made of Alps jadeite, found in a bog, thought to have been deposited there intentionally. Issued January 12 2018.
 Thank you Doreen! Here are two of the four definitives from this 2018 series, the 5th cent zoomorphic Ballindary Broach and the Iron Age 3 faced Corleck Head. 
Thank you Jenny! A worldwide rate definitive from the 2018 2nd series. This monastery door handle dates to c.700-720, and was found in the 198os along a riverbank in Donore. The tinned bronze door is engraved with a lion head. 


  1. Very beautiful history lesson through stamps this time. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ireland is the best country in the World. I simply love it!


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